Standards and compliance vital

Transport PNG

TAXI owners from reputable taxi services have raised concerns over the increasing number of illegal taxis operating in Port Moresby.
Managing director of Tulait TulaitTransport Services, Charlyne Lawton said it was a concern that most of these taxis were operating illegally without standards and compliance and the number is increasing.
“It is not fair when some of us are paying to registered our vehicle while others are free riders.”
“It is time the Road Traffic Authority and the traffic police do something about it as it is an ongoing issue”
“The unregistered taxis are known for changing their registration plates thus they should be taken off the streets,” she said.
She said since Papua New Guinea would be hosting the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation summit this year,RTA and the police urgently needs to address the current situation in Port Moresby to improve the public transport.
Managing director of Airport Transport Services, Wingti Mara has also raised similar sentiments saying that the unregistered taxis had out numbered the registered taxis thus it had created a challenging environment for them to do business.
He said law and order remained a problem and that had also hindered taxi operators from doing business,thus authorities responsible should look for ways to improve the situation

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