Standing orders are your Bible, Kulunga tells officers

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The National, Thursday 06th of March, 2014

POLICE Commissioner Toami Kulunga says the Standing Orders launched yesterday would be the officers’ “Bible”.
Two volumes – one for the administration and one for operations – contain a set of policy guidelines to guide officers in their work. Kulunga said the document should guide officers in their jobs.
“The document is something I wanted to see launched before my term expires and as such I am happy to witness this,” he said.
“The document is subject to change as new policies are done.
“Therefore those of you who have these documents please look after them.”
The commissioners’ conference ended yesterday with a groundbreaking ceremony for new facilities at the Jomba police station.
The facilities include the new family violence and sexual unit, singles barracks, police houses at Siar and the proposed transnational crimes unit and the national criminal records office.