Start at elementary, finish at Gr 12: Kuman

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday March 4th, 2014


CHILDREN who enter school at elementary level must remain in school and continue education until they complete Grade 12, new Minister for Education and Guimine MP Nick Kuman said.

“Policy directions regarding these levels of school which I support and stand by the government and Education Department at the national and provincial level must continue efforts in planning and ensuring that these policies work.” 

These include :

  • Elementary and primary schools established in each ward and district;
  • Secondary, vocational schools  established in each district;
  • Community college concepts replace the current vocational centres;
  • One technical and business college in each province; and,  
  • One national polytechnic in each region providing linkages to university education.

Kuman said that Papua New Guinean children had to contribute to the wealth and enjoy the quality of life in their preferred communal living. 

“The education system restructure of 2-6-6 must take place,” Kuman said.

He said standards and quality education remained the core business in the education sector.

“The government is serious and fully committed to provide the highest level of quality elementary, primary and secondary education and technical vocational education training in the country so that our children are able to be competitive and skillful in all subjects of the curriculum,” Kuman said.

He promised to improve access by all to free education and most importantly the type of quality education in the country.