Start education in Sunday schools

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The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013

 A CHURCH leader believes Sunday school is the ideal place to start educating children on good values and how to lead their lives in future.

Evangelical Lutheran Church national Sunday school coordinator Pastor Gembube Wongege said one way of minimising social problems among young people was to begin educating children about good behaviour in Sunday schools.

“Let’s collectively elevate this fundamental family element,” he said.

He said the Good News should be spread to every doorstep of family homes.

He said the Sunday school ministry allowed children to learn virtues and how to distinguish appropriate moral values and conduct.

The church’s Sunday school ministry, however, has no proper statistics on the number of children in Sunday schools in its 17 districts.

The Sunday school teachers in the 17 districts need teaching materials and training to enhance their programmes.

Wongege said his office needed materials and training to improve teachers’ capability to provide real life lessons.

A source said the church had approved the Sunday school administration but never created an annual budget for it.

The teacher’s guide and pupil’s lesson books were introduced in 1983 comprising nine units.

Pupils were processed to confirmation classes after completing three units in three grades.