Start planning for school fees, Maru says


YANGORU-Saussia MP Richard Maru has urged parents to start planning to pay for their children’s school fees next year.
His advice followed last week’s Budget presentation by Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey which the Government slashed its free education component from K600 million to K309 million.
Maru, the former planning and monitoring minister, when speaking at the 4th grade 12 and 16th grade 10 graduation of Kubalia Secondary School in Yangoru-Saussia, East Sepik, on Friday, urged parents to plan how they would pay for their children’s school fees.
“With the announcement of the cut in the tuition fee free (TFF) policy by the Government, more school-aged children will be forced to stay in the village,” he said.
“I am sorry for that because it is the decision of the current Government.”
Maru said since the introduction of the TFF policy, up to 90 per cent of school-aged children were able to go to school.
He said the announcement by the Government would see more students stay home because their parents would not be able to pay their school fees, particularly children from rural areas.
Maru encouraged parents to start planning and making arrangements to be able to pay the school fees in the new school year.
He said the People’s National Congress party would not change its policy on the TFF.
He said most students would miss out on school because of the new Government’s direction and priorities. “As your local Member, I do not support that (decision to change TTF),” he said.
“It is a wrong decision made by the Government.
“I cannot control that but all parents must plan for the school fees of their children from elementary all the way up to grade 12.”
Maru warned that with more youth at home and on the streets doing nothing because of the change in the TTF policy, there would be an increase in law and order issues.

One thought on “Start planning for school fees, Maru says

  • TFF Policy is the way forward. Parents must dig deep in the pocket to educate their children because parents have plans for the creation of child in the world. Each parent need to prioritize in the well-being of your children. If parents can’t manage than why bringing the child into the world because you are solely to be blamed and stop passing bark. There is no free handout. The Bible says, you got to sweat is out for your living. Its fair decision because the government has been borrowing heavily and the country need to pay back the debts. If you borrow and did not pay back what you owe is sin the eyes of God. Remember to payback what you owe because its not yours.

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