Start policing business owned by foreigners


I was surprised to read the front page of Monday’s The National of illegal activities of prostitution, abuse of employees, tax and superannuation avoidance, and unhygienic kitchen and living conditions  in our capital.
What about other provinces and districts where Asians and Indians are doing business?
Is this the first time Customs, Immigration and Health – which are responsible for such illegal activities – come to their senses  and perform their duties?
We have many foreigners doing business in our country.
Do they check their visas or work permits from time to time?
Do health authorities check kitchens or cooking facilities of restaurants and fast food businesses owned by these foreigners throughout the country?
We have been really abused by these foreigners doing business in our country.
Loopholes include no strategies to target such activities, lack of government funding, and bribery by these foreigners.
I wish and hope government and the designated authorities start policing every business owned by foreigners throughout the country.
We should be proud of our country and do what is right.

J Dingua

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