Statcom back online, improving power quality, says PNG Power


THE Boroko Statcom in Port Moresby was put back online on Feb 21.
PNG Power Ltd (PPL) stated on its Facebook page that successful work was undertaken by Statcom-trained PNG Power personnel, who were flown in from Lae, Madang and Vanimo to work with the technical team in Port Moresby.
“The Boroko Statcom experienced some technical issues which needed to be resolved when gas-fired power from NiuPower was exported into the Port Moresby grid,” PPL stated.
“To solve the low voltage issue experienced on the Port Moresby grid in the last three weeks which at times caused total system outages and emergency load shedding exercises, the Boroko Statcom needed to be back online.
“The latest third generation power quality compensation static var generator (SVG/Statcom) does the job of improving power quality and stability in the generation, transmission and distribution systems.
“At the power generation stations, a Statcom manages and minimises the reactive power component supplied by the generators which prevents winding temperature rise, thus, enabling maximum power output from the generating units.
“On the transmission and distribution systems, Statcom improves voltage stability, power quality and maintains voltage to 1.0 per unit level between the generating source and customer ends.
“Statcom also corrects power factor and filter harmonics in the electricity supply system. Low voltage units are also available for connection to customer installations, providing dynamic voltage support and control.
“Statcom technology replaces capacitors which were traditionally used as a fixed voltage support mechanism. The Boroko 11 MVar Statcom was installed at the Boroko substation in 2014.
PPL said that had assisted to minimise and improve the power quality and stability within the Port Moresby grid.
“There is also a Statcom for the Ramu grid installed at the Taraka substation and another one in Madang.
“Statcom is the third generation of dynamic reactive compensation technology with quick response, good harmonic performance and high reliability.
“It plays an important role in energy saving, grid stability and reliability, and power quality management.