State approves PMIZ work

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The National, Monday April 11th, 2016


THE Government has approved the construction of the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone project in Madang after the revised design to the wharf was given the thumbs up.

Trade, Commerce and Industry minister Richard Maru, gave the green light to the China Shenyang International Corporation (PNG) Limited to start work last Friday.

“On behalf of the Government, I am happy to announce that we are ready for the construction phase of the PMIZ,” Maru said. 

“This project has been delayed for 10 years. 

“Last November, the Prime Minister (Peter O’Neill) launched the project, but because of the experience of the Lae port development and the defects found at the wharf, we decided to bring in the experience and expertise and financial resources of KCHL (Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited), to review the design of the (Madang) wharf. 

“It was actually designed by our Chinese friends.

“During the review, they found many defects in the design. 

“We told them to redesign – that was the reason for the delay since November.”

Maru was informed by Kumul Holdings that they were happy with the revised design of the wharf. “(We can) proceed with the construction of this important industrial park for the fishing sector of PNG,” he said.

Maru said the marine park was intended to house 10 fish processing plants and create 30,000 jobs.