State authorities need to work with ICCC: Ain


STATE authorities regulating certain economic sectors need to have a working arrangement with Independent Consumer Competition Commission, chief executive officer Paulus Ain says.
This is to better administer competition and consumer concerns.
Ain said the template arrangement was that of National Information and Communication Technology with telecommunication sector and consumer subscribers.
He told The National that it made sense to work together as ICCC’s mandate was a uniform concern in all sectors
“They have their specific sector regulatory responsibilities, but when it comes to competition, that is a common factor to be considered in all sectors,” he said.
“We have the mandate to help in that regard.
“At present, government agencies are not giving priority to this in their operations.
“Considering how effective competition regulation can boost a sector’s performance, they should.
“We stand ready to give our mandated support on this as well.
“There are sectors where market share is dominated by a few large companies.
“Through working with us, the State authorities can enhance the sector through competition, especially for sectors that our consumers are dependent on. “
Ain said it was promising that Securities Commission chief executive officer Christopher Hnanguie had expressed interest in this regards with ICCC.
“He briefly mentioned to me that he is looking at restructuring the commission,” he said.

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