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A LOCAL car dealer believes the Government should have engaged local businesses in bringing vehicles for the Apec meetings last year.
Freeway Motors owner Sam Tasion, pictured, said the Government had been ill-advised to bring in such vehicles as Maseratis and Bentleys in the first place.

Left: Freeway Motors owner, Sam Tasion

He said such decisions to bring in vehicles should have been left to entrepreneurs, especially car dealers.
Tasion, in response to questions by The National on those vehicles still parked at downtown Port Moresby, said: “After Apec, what’s next? These vehicles are now rusting away near the sea (downtown). Who will supply parts or service the Maseratis?
“Certainly some (people) in the government have hidden motives to bring in the vehicles. After usage, there is no value in the vehicles.
“Millions of kina have been spent to bring them in. Such as the Maseratis – only one Maserati has been sold.
“If Government was to promote SMEs or local businesses, why can’t it buy from local businesses? We (local dealers) have been in the game and know car usage. If there is no political will, there must be business will.
“The Government should promote sustainability, encourage self-sufficiency, impact society and protect national interest.
“What the Government should do now that Apec is gone is to split those vehicles to all local dealers like Boroko Motors, Ela Motors, Freeway and they sell for the country to make money, even if it’s less.”
Tasion further said the price of a Maserati had depreciated by 40 per cent or approximately K250,000.
Freeway Motors is a subsidiary of the Tasion Group of which Tasion, from Manus, is the chairman.

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