State of affairs at Kimbe General Hospital shocks Sapuri

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday March 1st, 2016

 Newly appointed chairman of the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority Professor Dr Mathias Sapuri says he was shocked to witness the state of affairs at the Kimbe General Hospital. 

He made 15 recommendations to help improve the health service in the province. 

The first step, which is for all positions advertised for the Kimbe hospital to be filled by May 26. 

“I intend to circulate widely internationally and locally with the hope to get the best applicants both locally and internationally,” Sapuri said. 

“I am taking on this challenge on behalf of our people in WNB with a vision and commitment to deliver quality and accessible health care to our people. 

“I will be shaking the tree and some rotten fruits will fall but this will allow new fruits to develop and grow. 

“Those who promote pests to damage the fruits will not be part of our new team.”

Sapuri said he was tasked by the Government to fix the health system in the province and chart a new future for health care delivery there. 

Other steps Sapuri requested to be carried out at Kimbe General Hospital include :

  • A nursing school to get off the ground as soon as possible;
  • expedite the appointment of the hospital manager;
  • organise with World Health Organisation, foreign missions and others for assistance for staffing, facilities and development programmes; and,
  • Ensure all clinical staff are registered with the Nursing Council and PNG Medical Board by March 31. 

He said these changes will help the authority to deliver a better health care to the people.

Sapuri said he planned to return to West New Britain in four weeks to assess the progress and continue to make regular visits.