State pays K1.2m to Tari settlers

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday, June 7th 2011

THE state has paid K1.2 million to settlers of Tari origin who were evicted by police from the Finch Road-Humade settlement in Madang town in 2002.
The payment to the Taris came at a time when another eviction looms in Madang after authorities gave a 14-day notice to settlers of mainly Sepik origin at the Guv Stoa settlement between the PNG Maritime College and Divine Word University.
Counsel for the Tari settlers Paulus Kunai said this was part-payment of the K3 million that National Court judge David Cannings ordered the state to pay in a default judgment several years ago.
Kunai was in Madang and presented cheques to the affected settlers last Saturday.
The disbursement of cheques for those who did not get them would continue on Saturday.
The state is expected to pay the balance of the claim later.
The settlers were evicted by a Goroka-based police mobile unit in November 2002 as directed by the Madang provincial government.
The eviction was ordered following the killing of a Madang man and other unlawful activities that were attributed to the settlers.
During the eviction, temporary and permanent homes and other properties were destroyed.