State should not pay tithes to churches


I THINK the idea of the State paying tithes to churches is unconstitutional and does not appear in the Holy Bible.
The Bible only said to bring the first fruits of your harvest to the store house so that there may be enough in times of shortages.
The Bible says a tenth of your income is God’s money, and God’s money is to be given to the poor, widows and orphans.
Freewill offering is for the treasury and temple tax is for the Levites, priests and other servants of God for the maintenance of the temple building.
The Bible tells us to give to Caesar what belongs to him and to God what belongs to Him. Therefore, the State should not pay tithes to churches.
However, the State should pass a law according to the ordinance of God and make it mandatory for all citizens of Papua New Guinea, including our political leaders, to pay a tenth of their earnings to wherever church they attend.
Citizens should give the to State what belongs to it through paying taxes and give to God what belongs to Him by paying their tithes.

Christopher W Taweg