State team meeting with Total to discuss Papua LNG


DIALOGUE between the Government and Total, the operator of the Papua LNG project, has been scheduled for next Thursday, Petroleum Minister Kerenga Kua says.
Prime Minister James Marape told Parliament that a high level delegation from Total would be in the country to hold talks on the project.
Marape had said other partners in country including ExxonMobil and Oil Search would participate in the discussions to progress the project into its next phase.
“The Total delegation will arrive in the country in the next two weeks and myself and minister Kua will sit with them for them to tell us what the exact timeline of Papua-LNG is going forward,” Marape said.
“The economy should be happy and excited that Papua-LNG hasn’t been scraped off as far as direct foreign investment is concerned.
“Companies like Total and Exxon are major global operators.
“They have investment footprints all over, the globe is their market place.
“For our interests sake, Total had 80 trillion cubic feet of gas project from Mozambique that was coming in directly in contest with our own gas resources we have in Papua and other stratified we have.”


  • Thanks for sharing Arthur William’s. Totally agree.There are more risky projects globally compared to PNG.
    Where there is treasure,the investors will make it their business to conduct business.They will use their power and might to influence the agreements.
    All that PNG is asking for is an equitable benefit sharing arrangement.Take it or live it ,PNG is still a safe place.Thank you PMJM and team.

  • The beauty about the current Government is they care, not for their political survival but political Will, political Statement and political Assurance to the nation that we can archive better by resetting resource laws and policies to maximum on our returns or benefits. Basically to say its doable to make changes and amendments but may require the Will of our leaders to stay the course. Because above all we have leaders at every level of the society who honour and revere almighty Father Yahweh. As such the forces of darkness may not prevail. The Word of God reminds in the book of Romans: 5 line 20, “sin increases but Gods GRACE increase the more…” God bless PNG

  • PMJM is the first in our history as a country reviewing mining, oil and gas laws for us to get maximum benefits from all our resources. The 2% equity is a colonial legalised legislation that is making us poor since we gained independence. What is encouraging is the current government stand on win win equity sharing especially for the national and Provincial governments, land owners. Many MPs left for opposition because of Porgera closure. What they did not realize then was the fact that current government negotiating for us 51% equity and full ownership Porgera going forward. This is the best negotiation ever. The opposition MPs by now should realize that they been coerced and should make a rational decisions what is best for the country going forward return to the government.

  • If all goes well then it could be a defining moment for PNG especially in getting more out of our resources from Porgera and Papua LNG.

  • We have two weeks away from this sitting and wisdom is very much needed when discussing the matter.Just few comments, when discussing about the benefit sharing we should be very wise,mindful and careful.Once we make a discuss and agree with the partner, thats going to be the final. For benefit sharing give them options.May be 51 % first option and next and so on.

  • Why has the National removed my post???
    Yet Levi Eustace mentions it in his post as evidence it was posted by me at 0740 on Dec 5th !!!!!
    Here’s what i posted:
    Total knows but the PM of PNG may not that PNG is a far safer project than the Cape Delgado of Mozambique.

    reported 2019/02/17 Mozambique Gas Development Project, villagers dispossessed for off shore drilling, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
    The project leads to major changes in Cabo Delgado province, displacing farming and fishing communities who lose their livelihoods, giving major incentives for the youth to join Islamist rebel groups…………..
    ……….The development of gas industry in Cabo Delgado province is complicated with a local Islamist insurgency. The group is being called Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jama, meaning, “followers of the prophetic tradition”. Its emergence is often compared to that of Boko Haram in Nigeria, that started as a religious group and transformed into a guerrilla group. Between October 2017 and February 2018, they are suspected to have killed more than 40 people in the province. Some of the arrested suspects reported to be opposing gas drilling and ask for the creation of an independent State, in northern Cabo Delgado and annexing also south of Tanzania.

    While recent report from Barnabas Fund
    2020/11/10 More than 2,000 people have been killed and about 430,000 left homeless in the region since 2017. The militant Islamist organisation called Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jama, known locally as Al Shabaab (not the Somali-based group), is linked to Islamic State and has effectively gained control of an area of Cabo Delgado

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