State to address police welfare


POLICE Minister Bryan Kramer says the Government is concerned about the welfare of officers who have reached the retirement age of 60.
“I’m aware that those who have retired or dismissed are yet to receive their entitlements,” he said.
“I will focus on their welfare.
“I understand some have passed away and there was no money to repatriate the caskets and the family to their home provinces.
“My priority is that they receive their entitlements.”
Kramer said Prime Minister James Marape had discussed with him the “golden hand-shake” initiative practised in countries such as Singapore.
It applies to officers who have an unblemished record in the police force. “And during your retirement, you are given a financial reward,” he said.
“But that I will have to consult with the members of the force.”
There is also the home-ownership scheme to allow officers to buy their own homes.
The idea has been discussed with Nambawan Super Ltd.
Kramer said Marape had also tasked him to improve the welfare of police officers in the country.
“Right now, 150 living at the Red Sea barracks in Bomana have no water, electricity, and sewerage connection,” he said.
“The Government has assured me to release K5 milion.
“I have discussed with the company to start addressing the issues at Bomana.”
He also said the welfare of officers sacked after the 2011 political impasse would also be considered.
“The Government will discuss how to deal with previous members of the constabulary sacked because of their involvement in the political impasse for defending the constitution,” Kramer said.
“They were pushed out with their families without pay.
“They have never been acknowledged for their part in the struggle in defending the Constitution.”

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