State to deal with civil disobedience

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

THE national security advisory committee has set up a task force to deal with people inciting civil disobedience and stop-work intended to cripple essential public services.
Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari disclosed this last night after the committee met yesterday.
The committee was expected to invoke the Internal Security Act and the Essential Services Act in response to threats of violence, disruption of public services and destruction to public property by certain groups.
Lawyer Moses Murray and pilot James Makop had on Sunday called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to resign by midnight last night – otherwise some public services would be disrupted.
“We’ve resolved to appoint a task force,” Lupari told The National.
“We’re formalising all these things and on Thursday, we will have a press conference where we will announce the resolutions.
“Everybody (committee members) had a say and expressed their concern.
“They say that if this culture continues, our future is at stake.”
“They also said that these kinds of actions are acts of terrorism – of people who have no respect for law and order.
“A resolution has been passed to establish a special task force under the command of the police commissioner to act on these things.
“Our lawyers are just going through to make sure that the establishment of the special task force is under the law.”