State urged to use audit services in lower govts

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The National, Wednesday 29th May 2013

 MINISTER for Public Service Sir Puka Temu has requested the Government to expand the audit committees in provinces and districts for the sake of accountability. 

During debate in Parliament yesterday on reforms in delivering government finance policies, Sir Puka said  with the increased appropriations by the Government right down to the district and the local government level, there was a need to ensure accountability. 

He called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Minister for Finance James Marape to increase the 31 established audit committees of which nine were provincial audits.

“The expansion of the audit committees is essential for accountability,” Sir Puka said. 

“With the huge amounts of money directed to the districts and local level governments, I think we need to dial up the nine straight-up to 22 or so. 

“Little people in the villages now understand the language and so accountability is so critical. 

“There is also the need to outsource by tender for the private audit companies to do audit checks independently.

“With the bigger amount of funds, the issue of corruption also surface, mismanagement and misappropriation. 

“I think we can focus a lot more on expanding the audit committees throughout the country. 

“It is a very good idea.”