State wants TV, radio coverage nationwide

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The National, Friday February 5th, 2016

 The board and the management of the National Broadcasting Corporation are expected to provide 100 per cent radio and television coverage nationwide by 2030, Minister for Information and Commission Jimmy Miringtoro says.

He told The National that it was the Government’s plan to have the country totally connected as part of the Medium Term Development Plan.

“There has to be 100 per cent coverage by NBC TV to the country, that’s the plan for the Government in encompassing 2050 vision,” Miringtoro told The National.  

“It’s the work of the new administration with the new boss to bring the changes and it has to come starting from them.

“They have to tidy up what they have as outstanding issues; there are lots of outstanding issues that need to be fixed,” he said. 

“There are administrative, legal and financial issues that need to be fixed before we start to do other things.

Miringtoro said it means that the house has to be in order before NBC starts to move to the next level.

He said the rebranding initiative was one area that was going to bring new ideas and new outlook for NBC.