Statements of results to be issued

National, Normal

The National, Thuresday 12th January 2012

GRADE 10 and 12 students will be issued a temporary statement of result to continue their education because of the delay in the issue of certificates.
Education secretary Dr Musawe Sinebare says the Measurement Services Branch will issue the statements which will be valid until Nov 30.
Parents and students are asked to check their respective schools for the statements.
“The Department of Education is urging institutions to accept students with the original statement with other accompanying documents as evidence of completing Grades 10 and 12.”
For the Grade 8 students, all primary schools are urged to produce letter of identity to confirm the students for enrollment in Grade 9.
The delay in the issuing of the certificates is due to the following:
lAll certificates printed previously have the signature of the former Education secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio and have to be destroyed. The new certificates have to be printed under his signature;
lThe printing of the new certificates require K300,000, thus the department had to seek funds as government had closed its financial year;
lThe measurement services branch (MSB) liaises with the government printing office for the printing of certificates. And the new contract had to  go  through the tender process though the government printing office; and
lCertificates for all levels have not been issued and will not be until new blank certificates with security features have been printed and returned to the department in March 2012.
MSB will deal only with schools.