Station commanders told to send home reservists

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MOROBE police commander Supt Alex N’Drasal has told police station commanders in the province to identify police reservists recruited in the 90s and tell them to go home.
Police Commissioner David Manning recently issued a directive that all reservists be kicked out of the force, except those assigned to certain organisations.
N’Drasal said Manning’s directive exempted the 500 recruited to man rural posts in Morobe.
The constabulary took the step as a cost-cutting measure.
“This means that those police reservists and auxiliaries recruited in the 90s will have to go,” N’Drasal said.
“We are now identifying those people.
He said once they were identified, a parade would be organised to acknowledge their contribution to enforcing law and order over the years.
“These reservists and auxillaries have done a tremendous job in policing the community both in urban and rural areas and they deserve to be recognised for that.”
N’Drasal said they would have to fill the vacancies as law and order issues could escalate if police visibility decreased.
He said although there were instances when reservists had done things to tarnish the name of the force, the efforts they put into policing should be acknowledged.
He also said they did not have any refresher training since recruitment and that their terms had already expired.


  • This is one of the issue, later or sometimes discussed by most individual whom they become victims from doing nothing.
    Unqualified and Undisciplined reservists police forces has been using the mandate to harbor and provoked communities disorder.
    Let me preview one of the unlawful practices done few years ago when there wasn’t sea police alone the Morobe Patrol Post.
    Sea pirates has been commonly practice, since no suspect has been brought before court, innocent citizens and boat owner who has lost property and also life too. Since such matter hasn’t brought before court any. Due to reservists police harbor for self interest from criminals.
    Therefore we want Commissioner enforcement must soon implemented by Stations Commander.

  • Only a handful of those reservist are performing extremely well and within their jurisdictions. As commanders, you should be better placed to identify those reservists and recommend them to become full time police officers. Apart from these performing reservist, some of them (reservists) just tarnish the force because of their own greed. There could be some underlying factors for such behaviors. Could be lack of adequate training or either they are not on payroll. Since they are the police, they take advantage of their role/title to harass or rob the innocent public. One clear example is those operating along the highlands highway starting from Yonki right up to Asaro.

  • I think the reservist have done a lot in community policing. Do away with reservist will cause lot of law order issues in the country, esp. in the rural areas where police presences are minimal. Only few tarnish the good name of hard working reservist in the country. Recruit more police personnel to cut down the crime rate in the country.

  • Now all those rogue cops have been reservists? Squarely blaming the reservists is an absolute blunder and mistake. They have been overused on the least payment of K100.00 per month. RCPNG should not just send them home. Send them with respect and dignity as they have done so much and at least accord them some form of appreciation. They are humans like anyone else with family and responsibilities. “Just go home” slogan is very disrespectful and by far arrogant in nature. Some have spent close to 30 years which is a lot of time. ” Soim respect na pinisim ol gut wantem sampla moni ba gutpla”

  • Remove them. Ol sa acting tumas yah..rausim ol go. I’ll disciplined cods. Lots of them good for nepotism. Bagarapum nem blg PNGRC

  • I was once a victim of rogue reserve police man. Good calling. They ve caused enough negativity to the force as well as bring about unnecessary damages against the government worth millions of kina.

  • About 80% of the Police Reservist around the Country are not paid by the RPNGC,yet, they are performing Police duties. Obviously, to those who are not on the pay roll, I wonder who’s interest are you serving?
    Thank you COP, for making the correct and just decision to stood down those opportunits.

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