Statistics vital


Keeping statistics of reported cases of family and sexual violence will assist the Family and Sexual Violence Unit (FSVU) to identify hotspot areas for awareness and programmes, an official says.
FSVU director Chief Inspector Delilah Sandeka said yesterday: “By looking at the statistics we should be able to target hotspot areas and raise more awareness and programmes.”  She said an information technology company presented the FSVU Boroko office in the National Capital District a quotation for K550,000 to install a database management system.
“At the moment the FSVU does not have the money to meet the cost,” Sandeka told The National.
“I’m looking for support to get the system installed.
“They have given us a quote for K550,000.
“My staff in the National Capital District are all for it.
“Yesterday I got these specialists to come and present it, and they are for it. Next week I’m planning to do a presentation to the Australian Federal Police plus the metropolitan superintendent and commander.”