Statutory authorities reminded to comply with govt policies


COMMERCE and Industry Minister Wera Mori has reminded commercial statutory authorities, especially those under his ministry, to implement government policies.
Mori, pictured, said his ministry was responsible for the small to medium enterprises policy and master plan, and the national trade policy.
It is also responsible for trade, commerce and industry enablers such as the Investment Promotion Authority, the Register of Companies, the Small Medium Enterprises Corporation, the Industrial Centre for Development Corporation, National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology, the cooperative societies unit and the construction unit.
“The commercial statutory authorities comprise the engine room of business and commerce,” he said.
“They must coordinate to implement government policies. Each must perform a complementary role, always in the spirit of national policies, not acting contrary to stated policies. Engagement of service providers must likewise be in the spirit of government policies.
“It defeats government policy if a statutory authority engages a foreign company where a local company is available and can do the job.
“What training is available for our local business managers? What literature is available? How do we nurture and grow an entrepreneurial culture among our people? How do we integrate the formal and the informal sectors?”
Mori wants all commercial statutory authorities to report to the Government through his office how they are implementing government policies.
He also has directed the Department of Commerce and Industry to provide government with a report on how important policies and initiatives under its charge have been progressed to date.