Stay connected with God and don’t worship false gods: Pastor


A NAZARENE church pastor in Jiwaka in his sermon has urged Christians to imitate the life of Joshua who led the Israelites into the Promised Land.
Rev Philip Nolye of Kudjip Nazarene Emmanuel Church on Sunday emphasised important lessons from Joshua 24:14-15 where Joshua, the successor of Moses, instructed Israelites to choose whom to serve after entering the Promised Land (Caanan).
Nolye made special reference to current times where evil desires dominated the hearts and minds of Christians.
“Joshua’s instruction to Israelites was for them to stay connected to the true God and never worship false gods of the Egyptians and Mesopotamians.
“Today, our material wealth, money, education qualification, success or partner is like the land of milk and honey for us but this must not take prominence over God in our lives,” he said.
“Always reflect your history. How did you come? Who were you then and who brought you here today? God has been good to you since you were in your mother’s womb.
“You are who you are because of what God has done for you, not by your own power or strength.
“Your relationship with God must not be affected by fame, wealth or earthly gain.
“This world is no longer normal. Sin is increasing to a new height. Be like Joshua and stay loyal to God.
“With God, all your dreams and heart’s desires shall be granted. Never doubt God because he is the god of possibility and has the power over both life and death.”
Nolye reiterated that everyone was born differently and had the willpower to make their own decisions in life.
He reminded parents to remember that their children might sometimes let them down but they must know that children were born with free will to make decisions once they reached adolescence.

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