Stay out of public service, MPs told

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The National, Monday 13th Febuary 2012

THE People’s Action Party has urged all members of parliament to avoid interfering with the public service.
Party general secretary Simon Bole called on MPs to make wider consultations before making decisions that “can be detrimental to the rule of law and the freedom the country enjoys today”.
He said the political impasse had caused instability in the public service.
“The police force, which is the enforcer of the law, is now taking sides, as is the defence force,” he said.
“Departmental heads and civil servants are looking over their backs all the time without concentrating on their main responsibilities in delivery of goods and services to the people.”
Bole said there were career public servants who had given all their lives to serve with loyalty but they were now working under duress and uncertain of their future.
“For example, the chief justice, who had spent most of his life in the judiciary, is now being questioned by so-called non-government activists or ‘crowd-for-rent’ leaders who have nothing to offer to this nation.
“Politics must not be allowed to destroy dedicated state officers.”
Bole said the party platform was political stability and respect for the rule of
law as it was one of the key pillars of a democratic society.
“Politicians must not interfere with career public servants of the State. The hire and fire at will by politicians must stop because it is creating instability in the public service.”
He said the 109 MPs were mandated leaders and all had the potential to become Prime Minister.
“They are our mandated leaders and I call for common sense to prevail.”
He urged the government to allow Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen to take the country into the elections.
“The removal of Trawen now by government is tantamount to election corruption on the eve of an election.
“The PAP Party view is that the defence force, Electoral Commission and the judiciary are the only three neutral institutions of State. If we tamper with the three, then we might as well say goodbye to democracy and rule of law,” Bole said.