Stem cells praised as powerful tools to repair the body


STEM cells and regenerative medicine are the most potent therapy to curb the development of lifestyle diseases, according to Dr Samuel Rumbifa Maima.
He is a general practitioner and the medical director of the private health organisation Medline Pacific.
He said stem cells and regenerative medicine were the new scientific and medical therapy in the world.
“This is the time now that we introduce the therapy,” Maima said.
He said he had spent years doing research on the therapy. Some countries are experimenting with an injectable format, but the use of capsules is the most effective.
Maima said there were a lot of functions for stem cells.
“It does cell repairs. When the cells are damaged, it repairs the cells,” Maima said.
“When the cells are aged, it has this cell renewals, it has this cell rejuvenating effects.
“It also has a cell regenerative effect so when the cells are dead, the stem cell can regenerate the dead cells.”
He said stem cell had this protective role, an anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effect.
“So when there is some disease process happening in different parts of the cells, you have a process called oxidation, meaning that the cells are being oxidised because of some free radicals.”
Maima, also an obstetrician and gynecologist, said many of his colleagues were aware of the therapy.
“But they are yet to see the exceedingly powerful outcome on the patients that we manage on stem cells therapy.”
He said Medline Pacific has been treating patients suffering from some of the debilitating and chronic medical diseases and condition.

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