Step aside for investigations to be carried out

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 I WOULD like to point out that in a “civilised democratic West minster political system of government” that PNG has adopted, it is normal practice for members of parliament, ministers and even prime ministers to step aside if they are implicated in any alleged wrongdoing.

They are usually reinstated if an independent inquiry clears them of wrongdoing.

They are also prepared to step down if the weight of evidence goes against them. 

It is part of transparency, good governance, accountability, common  sense and reflects how well we are educated in this “civilised democratic Westminster political system” and are properly cultured as leaders to lead.

The trend in recent times shows that some Papua New Guineans need to be educated and cultured in these matters.

It is a shame that this uncivilised behaviour does and seems to be continually happening.

Our forefathers who designed and built our Constitution and set the benchmark are not being emulated anymore. 

They seem to use the excuse that they  are innocent until proven guilty and hang on to their positions while the investigations are ongoing.

Simple people on the streets will always have doubts in their minds.

No matter what sort of clever media spin is put out, our simple people are able to see through them. 

I appeal to the media to be more patriotic and report fairly on these matters.

The political history in our country has shown that those who practice such behaviours are not returned after any elections.


Luimack Johnson