Steven, 14, carving a future in creative arts


RYAN Steven, 14, a grade six pupil, hopes to one day become an artist.
Steven loves arts, mathematics and language.
Ryan’s passion to observe things and sketch them on papers rewarded him a dux student in grade one and two at Saraklok Primary School in Mosa local level government, West New Britain.
Last Friday, Ryan received certificate of participation for drawing land forms (the formation of environments).
His first artwork in Grade One was of his father’s motorbike.
In Grade Three he was rewarded for good behaviour; Grade Fourhe won the award for being well dressed and in Grade Five he was the most-improve student.
Many of his drawings are of palm oil fruit trucks, motorbikes, ships, canoes, aeroplanes and bicycles.
His father Steven is from Ubego in Sialum, Tewae-Siassi, and his mother Carol is from Mindik, Burum-Kuat in Pindiu, Finschhafen in Morobe.
His latest creations of the Air Niugini Fokker 100 jet and canoe were for his assignments.
“It took me three days to carve my Air Niugini Fokker 100 jet and the canoe using my mother’s kitchen knife and chisel, then painted them,” he said.
“I had the chance to see the Fokker 100 at Kimbe Airport when sending my dad to Lae last year .
Ryan said that the jet and the canoe were his first wood carvings.

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