Steven vows to support new CJ

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JUSTICE Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven praised Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika for his achievements during his career and urged him to do more.
During a ceremonial sitting in honour of the inauguration of Sir Gibbs as the new chief justice, he said: “Your Honour’s own journey described this morning means a lot more than just a recount of your achievements. The story of your journey carries a message for our nation and our people today.”
Steven said after 38 years in public service and 28 years as a judge, Sir Gibbs has now made the head of the law and justice sector.
“You are the head of the third arm of the Government, and respectfully the chief defender of our constitution and everything we stand for.”
Steven pledged his support to the work the chief justice has started with the former Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia which includes:

  • Codify customary law and the persisting challenge of developing the underlying law for the country;
  • review appointment procedures of judicial officers;
  • reform the higher judiciary and the lower judiciary and connect the Law and Justice Sector family into an effective, coherent body to support the administration of justice;
  • rebuild court houses; and,
  • Digitise systems.

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