Steven welcomes ‘important clarification’ on PM’s election

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ESA’ALA MP Davis Steven has welcomed a Supreme Court ruling confirming the validity of James Marape’s election in Parliament as Prime Minister as “an important clarification”.
A five-man bench court dismissed the case filed by Opposition Leader Belden Namah challenging the election of Marape on May 30.
“I agree that this decision which has taken 18 months has arrived at a time that there is a need for clarification,” he said.
“The Supreme Court is saying that the Speaker who exercises the oversight responsibility of Parliament and its procedures and proceedings needs to conduct proceedings and processes of parliament carefully and correctly and be mindful of the separation of powers.
“And the need for Parliament to conduct and execute constitutional laws of the country.
“The decision does not say that the PM will stay for the remainder of the term of Parliament.
“The decision of the Supreme Court does not say that he is immune to a motion of no confidence.
“This decision in no way affects all the other lawful obligations of the speaker and members of Parliament.”
He said it was an important case that needed to be decided on behalf of the jurisdiction and constitutional laws.
“We knew it was time to bring a challenge to the mandate on the election of the PM.
“That process is now underway,” Steven said.


  • How can PNG and the politicians continue to support leaders that have history of running down this country. Leaders that have the history of overspending, blind borrowing, bulldozed parliamentary procedures, manipulated laws of this land, chase the Chief Justice in the court house, lead PNG in a modern form of dictatorship covered under the name of democracy.

    When did in the history of this country did any government negotiated to retain almost 50% of economic benefits for PNG in the mining sector. PNG has been robbed from our resources for far too long because of greed, self-centeredness all under the name of corruption by our very own politicians. Imagine if past government have negotiated to retain higher % of benefit for PNG. Sadly, the past government have chosen for less benefit, less than 5%, infact, lower that that, less than 3%. Very, very, very sad. PNG has been denied developments by our very own politicians.

    This government (PMJM and his government) has done great for this country in this hard times of CONVID-19. This government has set foundations that would make this country rich and great. Go search and find out for yourselves on this link:

    If PNG and politicians choose to change the JM government and replace with Nama/PO government, (congratulations), PNG ready to welcome this outcomes;

    1. PNG is going to be run by a dictatorship.
    2. Likely hood of the law of the land to be hijack/manipulated is high
    3. Likely hood of ICAC to be unfunctional is high just like the Investigation Task Force Sweep (headed by Sam Koim), created by PO and disbanded by PO and his government when realized its negative effect on PO and his government.
    3. Likely hood of government stripping off decision making and economic powers from the State Own Enterprise is very high, making them lacking the powers to make operational decisions to successfully run the SOE, all because of the high political interferences in their operations.
    4. Likely hood of overspending is high and more borrow of loans of higher interest rate for the sake of securing international friendship.
    5. Hijacking and bulldozing of democratic processes would be a norm.
    6. Expecting more protest and students to be shot by police forces.
    7. Bribery and corruption would be a norm in PNG however at a higher rate higher as we go up the hierarchy.

    • Daniel, what else can we add…. Well said… PNG should now be grown up..
      Wesley Ramunai did the right thing. Because he knows he is the servant of the people and the people cried out for him to pull out of the BN – SB – PI team. The same team that normally break the law.
      Daniel- well articulated…

    • Well summarised. PNG enough is enough we refuse to be second class citizens in our own country. We are unique where God has placed us, PNG that is why we are the land of the unexpected. A thousand tribes, a thousand languages, yet united under one flag. PNG here we are.

    WHY THE RUSH????


  • I don’t understand why the hell this Vanimo Camp are thinking off!!!?? Stop using the word people, you gays doesn’t represent people anymore.

  • the camp from the Vanimo or opposition camp purposely want to form the Government so they can be in power to use all the funds for 2022 elections so they can remain in Parliament can continue to STEAL, and make the people surfer , the prices of general goods and services will continue to rise and the innocent majority of the people will be GREATLY AFFECTED by these leaders at Vanimo. These are bunch of yoyos, and corrupt monkeys . Please People of Papua New Guinea and educated elites and tertiary students please make a nation wide awareness for the rural population not to be fooled by these MPs all this MPs have to be replaced by GOD FEARING leaders. ITS A VERY SAD STATE OF PNG POLITICS AND THE ECONOMY

  • Shame on this Vanimo camp MPs or cronies running around to gain something from it. When you look at the composition of that camp, you see crooks and liers who were at each others throats at one stage but coming together as sangumas to go suck the life blood of the PNG people. You no drink inap pinis?

  • MPS at Vanimo none of them is LIKE our PMJM. They are very all going for money to run the 2022 election because no budget for them. Greedy & money followers MPS. PNGans are all watching at you and who you are and what you are doing out there at Vanimo wasting peoples money. What you MPS want to prove to PNGans? * Daniel Well stated**

  • True Papua New Guineans should be very grateful and appreciative of what PMJM and his government has done to bring back the most needed benefits generated by the Mining Companies such as Pogera. The govt has negotiated to have 51 % of the total revenue generated by Pogera successfully compared to what the past governments has blindly accepted at 3% level. PNGeans have been robbed of the blessing God has placed in the land for the last 45 years and I totally agree with PMJM to take back PNG by correcting this broad day light robbery orchestrated through the outdated agreements & laws designed by multi corporations and conglomerate to reap the poor people of this great country. All Agreements and Laws done by Mining, Gas, Fisheries, Timber and other multi million Kina projects should be re-examined when they up for contract renewals. PMJM & your Govt must be rest assured that you have the Majority of the simple people right across the length and breadth of this country fully supporting you. Extend what you have done for Pogera right across other Mining companies & Gas, Fisheries, Timber and other multi million Kina projects. PNG Economy will start to see the light of day and people will begin to experience the joy of owning the God given resources.

    • Pearick, I salute you. Well said…All Papua New Guineans, we suffer a little today to enjoy our tomorrow. Then PNG need to bring PMJM and his team and all his candidates in 2022….
      This will truly reap the benefits of our toil today.

  • Well stated Daniel. Support blong PM JM em stap. It is common knowledge now of the Vanimo Camp’s self interest. Obviously, the former DPM & AG is crying over spilt milk by being dumped as DPM.

  • Daniel what you have stated is just fun.All companies are there to make profit.How dare you expect 50% or more if you do not contribute anything towards the operation and just nothing.Do not make your mind make your mind narrow but think big and wider.We are not talking to support wantoks but we say something for better improvement

  • Daniel well said, in addition establishment of free health services, free education policy has become a political scam only please political greed and selfishness without quality and standards.

  • DS you wasting your time and energy trying to save your face, while PO and BN are secretive about how should the opposition form government, the opposition is broken into pieces as you were talking. 0ppposition group has now divided into three groups since they returned from Vanimo. The first group is led by Sam Basil is camping at Hilton hotel, the second group is led by Powes Parkop and the third group is led led by PO and BN. It seems that PO is vying for PM position without consulting with the partners, evidenced by his direct involvement in filing of court case against the government. Another reason could be PO and BN keeping silent on the discussions of who should be the PM. This may have created the split in the opposition. Government has been waiting for this moment can now negotiate whom they should partner to stabilize the current situation. In the few days we expect more split in the opposition in either of the three opposition camps migrating to PMJM camp. The groups seems to be watching and waiting for the right moment. The government at this stage is solid rock United with 54 MPs and may welcome anyone of the three opposition camps to join PMJM. Interesting times ahead.

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