Still a lot for PM to do

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The National, Tuesday 4th September, 2012

WHILE everyone praises Peter O’Neill for infrastructure development and service delivery in Ialibu-Pangia, his concentration in the past 10 years was on Pangia alone.
I want to know what his plans are to rehabilitate the bad road conditions, run-down health centres at Muli and Koare, lack of power supply in Kewabi and Koare LLGs, run-down schools and the lack of vital services such as post offices, banks, airports or airstrips, etc.
There is no proper town planning, hence the mix-up of available services.
District officers are in­competent, prices are es­ca­lating and no project has been given to the Kewa­bians despite several proposals.
There is no people em­powerment, encouragement of local businesses or a vision for human re­source development.
The onus is on the prime minister to fulfil his pro­mises.

Gear Bayamist
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