Still on West Papua


THE continuous demonstrations by the residents of Papua about the abusive languages and racial discrimination by the Indonesians has caused a lot of chaos in the provinces (Papua and Papua Barat).
A lot of business houses, banks (ATMs), cars and motorbikes and offices were burnt down.
More people have joined the protest demanding Indonesia to give Papua self-determination and independence. Many lives of Papuan protestors were lost in the hands of Indonesian military force.
Among the Papuans there are two parties: the pro-Indonesians want Indonesia to govern Papua and West Papua.
The other group is called the Papua Freedom Fighters for Independence.
These people don’t want Indonesia to colonise them because they know by virtue that they are different from the Indonesians.
They are Melanesians with different life style, customs, traditions and culture than Asians (Indonesia).
These are the people who form the OPM (Organisasi Papua Merdeka).
These two parties are striking each other and it is unstoppable leading to much destruction and may lead to more lives being lost.
Therefore, we are calling on the Pacific Island Nations, Australia, Papua New Guinea and the United Nations to urgently send their troops to go down to Papua and settle this issue.

Papua demonstrator

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