Still out of reach


I am disgusted at the way the Government tried to force itself into the funds of the PNG Social Development Programme which are parked in Singapore out of reach from the governments dirty fingers.
First of all, the government is not fighting for the people of Western to get the funds but to fund their own budget or grab some under the table.
History speaks for itself, when late Bill Skate was the prime minister, there was what we called a Mineral Resources Stabilisation Fund (MRSF) which was ws established in the 1990s.
The MRSF fund was created so that when mineral prices are good, the Government can park some of its surplus cash in this fund and when mineral prices are bad, the government can use some of this funds to assist in its budget.
When late Bill Skate was prime minister, the fund was misused and then disappeared.
Sir Mekere was the Governor of the Bank of PNG for no more than two years during that time.
Realising the history of mismanagement by dirty politicians, who stick their fingers into anything that has funds, when he became prime minister he set up a private company registered under Singapore law to park all funds which are for the future of the Ok Tedi people. It is known as PNG Social Development Programme fund.
When he did that, he safeguarded the funds from any government, either this government or a future government.
These funds are private funds and the government has no rights to claim it.
The recent court case in Singapore which dismissed the PNG government’s claim on the funds will not be overturned, because, PNGSDP is registered as a private Singaporean company and the Government of PNG will never have any claim on the assets.
Yes, in PNG a bill can be passed in Parliament and the Ok Tedi equities owned by the PNGSDP were forfeited to the state, which is basically OK Tedi landowner shares.
I don’t know why OK Tedi landowners are numb on this issue and could not claim a stake in the mine, which they rightfully own through PNGSDP, which is their company which has been set up to look at theirs and the future generations to come.
It is about time, the PNG government should be ashamed of its behavior running after funds that do not belong to them, but, the people of Western Province.

Concerned Citizen

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