Still on teachers’ pay


THE proposal to pay 3 per cent pay increase for 2017 in 2018 by Education Minister Nick Kuman is a slap in the face for teachers.
Minister Kuman: Enough of further excuses and pay teachers what is owed to them in full, including the 3 per cent from last year and this year.
If you want teachers to achieve the benchmark and set the right standard, then set the standard first.
Do not cry foul when you see teachers queuing up at FinCorp Haus.
This might be a result of your own doing.
Stop jumping up and down accusing teachers of not performing their duties.
Teaching Service Commissioner: Come down to a teacher level in the classroom and see for yourself what it’s like these days.
Over to you minister Kuman and secretary Dr Uke Kombra.

GoLo FinCorp
PNG Mond

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