Still waiting for final entitlements


I WANT the authorities to help me find out why I have not received my retirement benefits.
I, along with a fellow retired teacher whom we taught together at Kreer Primary School in Wewak, East Sepik, submitted our retirement forms at the same time in 2018.
How come did she receive her full entitlements in early 2019 while I only received my furlough pay later in October of the same year?
I have been following up on my entitlements since 2019, but I did not get any help at all.
On Feb 19, the salary section at Fincorp Haus gave a printout for pay period 21 payslip stating “furlough – MILOF” and nothing about my final entitlements.
I have copies of the pay slip with me.
I made further enquiries at the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) regarding this and the senior industrial officer requested the file management team to retrieve my closed file for review.
Further enquiries were made since February but the file is yet to be retrieved.
I have raised this concern with various senior TSC staff, including TSC chairman Samson Wangihomie, but nothing has been done.
A good number of fellow retired teachers are facing the same issue but most reside outside of Port Moresby and cannot follow up on their enquiries.

Emma Sakumai,
Retired Teacher