Still waiting for Ikupu to honour promises

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The National- Thursday, February 10, 2011

 THIS is an open letter to Motu-Koita Assembly chairman Miria Ikupu.

Until today, we still do not have aid-posts, water supply, a business arm, measures and controls to combat law and order problems and yet you have the nerve to spend K600,000 on vehicles.

And you have the nerve to ask Governor Parkop for more money.

For the past three years as chairman of MKA, you have changed your vehicle from the old broken down Pajero, to a Mercedes-Benz, to an Outlander and now a nicely dressed 5th Element and a new model Everest.

You led a lavish lifestyle and chose to wine, dine and live at a 5-star hotel at the expense of our very poor Motu-Koitabu people.

Wake up, you’re in Lalaland; we have poverty, AIDS, homebrew and drug abuse, our land is being stolen right under our noses by foreigners and rich local people, because you tend to be a “yes man” to these people.

Whatever happened to all those elected members of MKA, who spoke against you and you took them to court?

Are they still members?

Where are all your promises?

We are tired of corruption and we are tired of not seeing any development in our villages.

We urge the Ombudsman Commission to intervene and investigate MKA books and the awarding of contracts.

Governor Parkop, please take heed of the needs of our people.

We need services to our Motu-Koitabu villages but they will not come from the MKA office because all elected members have been suspended by the chairman.

Keep up the good work and do not give any money to MKA.

Rather, include us in the development programmes of NCD using the money that we rightfully deserve.



Lau hesiku vaden

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