Still waiting for retirement funds


I AM appealing to the Government, the Treasury Department and Nambawan Super to honour their obligations on the State’s share of our retirement benefits.
I was one of the many former civil servants employed by the then PNG Banking Corporation and resigned when Bank South Pacific Financial Group Ltd took over in Dec 2000.
It is sad that some of my colleagues have passed away after waiting for so long while others are getting old and who knows what might happen to us.
Past successive governments failed to address the issue of non-payment of the State’s portion of contributions, thus, leaving us in the dark for the last 23 years.
If Nambawan Super can take out a full newspaper advertisement, then I see no reason why it cannot do the same to notify the retirees on the progress of when funding will be made available to us.
I can recall some years back when Treasury Department was in talks with Nambawan Super management in sourcing funds elsewhere to meet outstanding State’s share of retirement benefits, including substantial amount owing to PNG Defence Force retirement benefit fund.
We do not know what happened then.
We are unsure as to whether we may receive our retirement funds.

M K Wellem
Kopa Village, Morobe