Stokes: Alumni concept strengthens ties apart from study

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The National, Monday 15th April, 2013


THE PNG-Australia Alumni programme is not only vital for study in Australia but also strengthens relationships between the two countries, Australian High Commissioner Deborah Stokes says.

Stokes said she was pleased with the programme’s progress and growing network and hoped that scholarship participants from PNG not only acquired a good education but also have a good understanding of the relationships.

She said this during the PNG-Australia Alumni Association reception last Friday to mark Australia week celebrations in Port Moresby.

World Vision Australia CEO Tim Costello said in his address that the alumni programme was vital for good relationships between people of PNG and Australia.

“Relationships are formed through these programmes between Australians and Papua New Guineans and the relationship is like glue that glues one person to another and it is the glue that holds the society together,” he said.

“Effective development is through relationships, people understanding what their hopes are and what they want for their children.”

Meanwhile, a highlight of the celebrations was the unveiling of mural art on the outer walls of the Australian High Commission residential compound. The painting was done by renowned Australian mural artist Tim De Haan in collaboration with local artist Martin Morububuna.

Morububuna said their painting was based on preserving nature, the land and its flora and fauna.

“Prior to this I was told that I was going to work on a one day project with an artist from Australia, and I had some sketches done with reference to the bilateral ties and so forth however when we met we just decided to just work on something that reflects nature,” he said.

This is the second mural artwork for Morububuna in Port Moresby city; the first was done on the outer walls of the RSPCA office at Hohola on Waigani Drive.