Stolen ambulance poses birth risks


By Rebecca Kuku
Mothers in the remote Muli sub district in Ialibu-Pangia electorate of Southern Highlands are giving birth in their villagers after the sub health centre’s ambulance was stolen recently.
Health extension officer Alphonse Sambai said that many mothers were now giving birth in their villages because there was no ambulance to bring them to the district hospital.
“The sub health centre serves many people in the surrounding areas especially remote areas,” he said. “The ambulance was used to transport pregnant women and sick people from their remote villages to the sub health centre and was also used to transfer patients to bigger hospitals like Ialibu Hospital and Mendi General Hospital.”
Sambai said that the ambulance was also used to conduct immunisation and general health awareness programmes in remote villages.
However, he said that since the theft of the ambulance many mothers in remote areas where now forced to give birth in their villages, and sick people could not be transported to the hospital.
“All immunisation programmes have also been stopped as we do not have an ambulance,” he said.
Ialibu police station commander Mack Anema confirmed that the ambulance was stolen and that police were still looking for the vehicle.
“This is the second time for an ambulance to be stolen in the area; first an ambulance from the Ialibu hospital was stolen and now the ambulance for the Muli sub-health centre,” he said.
“I don’t know why people would steal an ambulance that saves lives and helps people.
“These are sick-minded people who steal ambulances.”