Stop acts of discrimination


THIS is an open letter to everyone.
This global pandemic coronavirus (Covid–19) was a virus originally transmitted from China, not locally.
I am pissed at the behaviour of some foreigners and well-to-do citizens towards us ordinary citizens.
People are looked at as if they have already been infected with the virus.
This is the beginning of discrimination.
I have experienced that and have seen some of my friends and relatives go through some bad treatments lately.
I am a simple citizen and someone who loves my country and its people.
We have our shortfalls in differences of cultures and traditions but generally, we are a peace loving, welcoming and generous people.
I confidently say this because in every culture, we don’t reject a hungry or a thirsty stranger passing through.
We always offer food, water or shelter to rest before continuing with his/her journey.
We protect, feed and care for our vulnerable, old, defenceless or sick.


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