Stop all LLG funds, dept told

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The National, Friday 14th June 2013

 A PRESIDENTIAL candidate for the Kutubu local level government, Southern Highlands, has called on the Department of Inter-Government Relations to cease all financial delegations and commitments by all LLG assemblies during the polling period.

Nominations for all LLGs had been extended to today from Wednesday with campaigning scheduled to start tomorrow, ending on July 5. Polling will start on July 6.

Kutubu LLG presidential candidate John Pipi Kila said it had been evident in the past that many sitting candidates had used LLG assets and facilities to conduct their political campaigns.

“This is not right and I am calling on the Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Leo Dion, and the local authorities to ensure such practices are not repeated.”

Kila said this would be the first time for people to vote for their LLG presidents.

“For the sake of good governance, safety of public funds and LLG assets, all responsible authorities in the provinces and districts must play their part to ensure laws governing LLG elections are strictly followed.

“This should also include putting a stop to all budget and expenditure reviews, awarding of projects and contracts and other financial commitments, especially during the polling period,” Kila said.

“I also call upon the Southern Highlands provincial administration to be take full ownership of this LLG elections and directly participate and share all our resources in the areas of security, transport, manpower and the allocation of funds for election teams and personnel to do their work.”

He said such cooperation and united efforts would lead to better coordination and partnerships in achieving free, fair and safe election results.