Stop backdoor deals


I HAVE a car for sale, it is registered and goes well.
It needs a paint job and otherwise does the job.
I want to sell it privately, so I can keep the cash hidden away from my wife because she wears the pants and does not let me have any spending money.
I make some kina out of using my brothers taxi plates when he is sleeping, but ever since the coronavirus he is always busy.
Please buy it – if you have taxi plates I could still drive it for you.
I do not think the Moni Plus loan in my wife’s name has anything to do with it her credit doesn’t affect me! Does it?
If airlines investors are allowed to sell their interests and tell everyone who they are selling then why can I sell my car with a lien on it?
Seriously Nasfund – follow the lawful processes.
Back door deals are perfect targets for testing the new Independent Commission Against Corruption rules particularly with government funds.

PX insider

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