Stop begging,demanding votes


AS a layman of this beautiful country, I wish to echo my sentiments regarding Prime Minister James Marape’s statement in The National on Wednesday.
He stated that he will quit politics if he loses his Tari-Pori seat and also if he does not become Prime Minister.
That means, if he loses the Tari-Pori seat, he automatically is not a Prime Minister material.
But if he wins the Tari-Pori seat and does not become Prime Minister then he will resign from his Tari-Pori seat, that is what he is implying.
But, hang on, the people of Tari-Pori mandated you to be their member and why would you resign as an elected leader of Tari-Pori?
Is this a new political gimmick played around to lure votes around the country?
I mean, why would candidates go around saying, if I don’t win this election, I will not contest next election.
Why would sitting MPs going around campaigning saying, “this is my last election and will not contest again in the next election”.
Why would sitting MPs campaigning around saying this “I build the building but it’s incomplete and I need to come back and complete”.
Let people judge you and do not go around begging, begging with demands.
It is pretty funny hearing from our intending candidates, sitting MPs, ministers and even the Prime Minister himself saying, he will quit politics if he loses his Tari-Pori seat and if he does not become Prime Minister.
Peoples power will determine the come the voting time.

Play safe and win safe

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