Stop blaming MPs, be self-reliant


MANY times, we complain a lot against our MPs.
We say they are not doing anything to improve living standards in their electorates. Almost every day, I read comments of people complaining about development not reaching their districts.
It is obvious that people are just waiting for handouts from the Government.
After we elect MPs, we tend to sit around lazily and wait for handouts.
Handouts can benefit a few people, but not all the people in an electorate.
Development is not reaching us because of our local MP’s doing, not because of our Government.
Development is not reaching us because of our own doing.
When someone wants to build a house, he clears a piece of land where he wants his house on.
After everything is done, he sets the framework for the house.
In the process of building a house, do you ask the Government to help you?
I think not.
You have to build it yourself.
This is the mentality I’m talking about.
We cannot sit around and wait for government handouts, especially through district funds.
We have to be self-reliant and do something for ourselves.
We cannot wait on the Government to repair broken bridges or fix bad road every time.
We have to take the initiative to solve these issues.
For instance; if we don’t have a health centre, we can start organising ourselves and start building.
We have the resources.
We can chop down trees and start building.
When we start using our God-given brains, our country will begin to develop.

Hillary Likius