Stop boasting and do some work

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

I AM astonished just how ministers become millionaires overnight in this country.
Where else in the world  are the  provincial or district leaders handed so much money to use?
Are they accountable?
When they hand over some of it to schools or for infrastructure purposes, it comes with a big, loud boast: “I am giving…”
 They seem to think it is their money, not the people’s and that it is rightfully going back to them.
They boast like the money is coming out of their pockets.
Get over it Ipatas, Maru, Tomscoll, Kas, Malabag and you others.
Why do you sing so loud at the time of giving when it is not even your money.
A true leader works for his people and not sing praises of himself.
Just how has the health system improved in this country under Malabag?
He talks  and talks and says the government should do this and that.
Aren’t you the government young fella?
This is your chance to shine for your people – the Papua New Guineans – and you are in the position to improve the health services and avoid or prevent deaths at birth.
You can cut down HIV/AIDS and you can stop preventable diseases killing your people.
Stop boasting and giving  empty promises,  do a bit of work – the real reason why people have   given you  a  priviledged place.    

Tax payer
Via email