Stop cargo cult activity in Sarawaget


THERE is a group formed recently at Iloko village in the Selepet local level government area of Kabwum in Morobe calling themselves the Sarawaget Track Landowners Association.
This group had gone around collecting names of more than 3,000 people in 37 villages with their clan names and informed them to register K5 per person and travelled down to Lae settlements and did the same to the unsuspecting Kabwum people.
The association’s executives claimed they are going to receive K10 million from the Queen of England and governor-general’s office and will in return disburse the dividends to all who register under this group.
It has been revealed that the association was formed purposely for luring tourists to the Sarawaget Range and are claiming to be involved in carbon trade, climate change and conservation.
These semi-educated and illiterate executives have no knowledge about all the things they claim to stand for.
This is a cargo cult concept and a scam, so they should stop their nonsense.

Elites of the Sarawaget Range

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