Stop charging hefty fees


THE 2022 academic year will be free for all students from elementary to secondary schools throughout the country.
This certainly is a relieving news for parents and students who are hit hard by financial crisis amidst the rising cost of living in this country.
While it is the prerogative of the school administrations to charge fees – national high schools should be reasonable in the fees they charge instead of coming up with fees that will contradict the purpose of the government policy that is in place.
Even though a lame excuse of “insufficient funding from the government” can be employed to justify this kind of questionable practice by school administrators, it is of paramount importance to consider the privileges bestowed on students attending premier institutions.
Thus, imposing hefty fees in national high schools is a slap on the face of the cream of our students.
Those who charge hefty fees should be investigated so that the issue can be amicably resolved without holding students at ransom.
Again, this puts to question whether the Government gives enough funds to national high schools for their operations as the fees charged are way too high compared to secondary schools.
Better still, the Government should provide enough funds to national high schools so that their administrators can refrain from charging fees that are questionable.

Sly Effa