Stop cheating: Kukari

The National, Thursday July 7th, 2016

MALPRACTICE and cheating in school examinations continue because teachers implicated previously have been re-employed in the same jobs, examination malpractice investigation and review team deputy chairman Dr Arnold Kukari says.
He said those teachers knew what to do, allowing cheating to continue.
Kukari presented the team’s report yesterday and said the culture of malpractice had to be dismantled.
He said the practice of re-enrolling students and retaining education officers, who were alleged to have been involved in cheating or leaking examination information, needed to stop.
He said those people needed to be punished and penalised to break the cycle.
“Examination malpractice persists and 2015 indicates that the problem is spreading to other regions and provinces,” Kukari said.
“It is on all of us to take steps, the media especially to raise awareness about exam malpractice and for all of us to ensure that we curtail the problem so it doesn’t spread or undermine the education system.”