Stop criticising good leaders


COMMENTS made by some public servants in Gumase ward 11 of Nayudo local level government (LLG) of Raicoast regarding newly established Puyana Lutheran Primary school is untimely.
The establishment of new schools take time to go into registration after all requirements are met.
There are processes that schools go through from provincial education boards to the national education board for approval and it does not happen overnight.
Gupbayong village was nowhere near to any change for the last two to three decades and it is slowly progressing because of some very committed elites.
You are in the vulnerable stage and villagers are advised to be careful to side with unknown pretenders who claim to be educationalist with very shallow minds.
Gumase people are fortunate to have one of their own son Osikua Tingkeo Bumon, former national trainer and acting assistant secretary for Christian life studies division in the Lutheran education department of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea.
During his term, he expressed his heart through practical actions.
No government leader has done that to establish services in his/her own home.
Gumase, Nankine and Nayudo, who are you to argue against these smart initiatives?
Tingkeo is a great leader and is doing well.
He is serving his community well.
Do not criticise his good leadership traits.
It is time we have leaders such as Tingkeo.

Voice of the Yus Koronz Elites,