Stop empowerment movement for women


THIS is a call to all the women’s rights advocates in Papua New Guinea to stop living in their fantasy land and return back to reality.
The misconstrued fact in our country is that PNG is slowly going to catch up with the rest of the world on the stance of women’s right, on the premise that every women deserve equal treatment similar to their male counterparts, whether it be in jobs or daily ways of life.
This will not work because it is based on the interest of the few middle and executive classes of women who are only lobbying to get a bigger share of the pie at Waigani.
Our traditional ways are etched in most of our women.
There will be no equity for women if this movement continues to grow in our culture.
It would only make things worse.
It took the West more than 2,000 years for people to finally realise that women should have a voice.
We just became independent four decades ago.
With the high rate of illiteracy among our women, this premature movement is bound to die out quickly unless other issues pertaining to women are solved.
You have to learn to crawl first before you can walk.

The Realist,