Stop environmental damage in Western

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MANY mining companies have failed to exercise great corporate responsibility towards what they are doing in PNG.
The big bosses in this industry have for years not really cared at all about the harm done to our people and damage done by to our natural environment.
It is time the government “grow some spine” and ban BHP Billiton from conducting mining-related activities in PNG.
The government must seriously review its monitoring mechanism now to ensure PNG’s natural environment is not permanently destroyed as a direct result of the extractive industry.
All Papuan MPs must support the call by Western governor and his administration to end all mining activities in the province while the national government and OTML clean up the toxic river.
If need be, shut everything down, dredge the river bed and clean it out before the whole river­ eco-system is destroyed forever.
Papua MPs cannot continue to remain quiet and be manipulated by others.
They must support Governor Bob Danaya, Boka Kondra and mining minister John Pundari now.


Reginald Renagi